Saturday, March 17, 2018


So our blog just vanished. The only remnants are stray jpegs that pop up when I google my name. When I search for the blog name you get nothing. I looked online and saw other similar stories. None of those people were able to retrieve their posts so I hold out little hope for mine.

I suppose that's what I deserve since I hadn't posted anything in weeks. I just assumed it would always be there. The folders on my hard drive that are supposed to contain the backup files are empty. Eight years of blogs all vaporized. Oh well.

This is another lesson in letting go. When we moved across the country after getting rid of 90% of our belongings that was part of it. Sure there were a lot of memories in those pages but the memories still exist in my head even if they're a little foggy.

Besides, now this gives me a do over. All that stuff I said before can't be proven because it doesn't exist!

And here's a photo of our dogs for no reason other that we love them so much.