Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Stigma of Glasses

This morning I read the story of the fox meteorologist Jessica Starr who committed suicide after having lasix "smile" surgery. She was apparently having a difficult time with her recovery and this is not uncommon with people that elect to have this procedure. It is an incredibly sad thing when someone commits suicide and the reasons are complex.

What I want to talk about is why we have such a stigma surrounding the wearing of eyeglasses. Ms. Starr like many people had worn contacts for years and decided to take the risk of having this surgery to not have to wear them. She was having great difficulty with dryness, pain and loss of vision well after a month of having the surgery. My guess is she was also tired of the routine of putting plastic discs on her eyeballs everyday so she could see. Why not just wear glasses? Can you name any TV news personality that wears glasses, especially a woman?

I never have and never will wear contacts. I can't stand anything touching my eyeballs. Some people say you get used to them. Fuck that. Ms. Starr clearly needed to be glasses free and have perfect eyesight for her job. I am really dumbfounded at the way eyeglasses are looked at by Americans.
It's like we let the bullies who call us four-eyes control our lives. Personally, I think glasses make women look attractive. Janet is getting glasses soon and I can not wait. One, because then she will be able to see much better and two, now I have another glasses buddy.

Do not let others impose their standards of beauty on you. Do not undergo dangerous and life threatening procedures for cosmetic purposes. And if you are thinking of harming yourself or someone else please talk to someone.