Saturday, June 30, 2018

Second Year in Paradise

One day last summer while walking down our street with our dog Abel, I passed a guy working on his truck. Everybody has a truck. It's like it's expected. If you really got it going on you've got a monster truck with big fat tires. When I greeted him with a "how ya doin'" he replied, "Another day in paradise."

Two years ago today we left Chicago. Having only 5 weeks to pack, ship and mostly give away all of our worldly possessions, we set out for Olympia Washington at around 4pm. That was a mistake that could have ended tragically. It took way longer to load the van and clean the house than we expected, so there was no way we could have gotten to Sioux Falls South Dakota by any decent hour. We should have adjusted our plan and stopped at a hotel somewhere in between and cancelled the previous reservations. Instead we tried to power through it while running on fumes.

I'm not a follower of any organized religion but I do believe that we have angels that watch over us. That was the only way we didn't wind up wrecked on the side of some foggy deserted road in South Dakota.

Now, two years later, Odie, Lily and Herbie are all angel dogs. Thankfully all the cats are still here.
We have 3 beagles, Abel, Izzy & Daisy that were all rescued from pharmaceutical lab testing by The Kindness Ranch in Wyoming. Janet & I have gone through some health challenges. Everyday we feel thankful and blessed when we wake up in this libertarian paradise with it's monster trucks, weed stores and drive thru coffee shops with ladies in their underwear making espressos and say, another day in paradise.


  1. Hey! I love your new blog! Thanks for helping to document your & our experiences. It's been a good year. :-)

  2. Congrats for being in paradise!